Terms and Conditions

Prohibited Wastes

Prohibited Wastes are the responsibility of the customer to ensure that only acceptable wastes are delivered to Tracy Material Recovery. Tracy Material Recovery reserves the right to inspect and reject any load. If prohibited wastes are detected and rejected, the customer retains responsibility for the materials. If prohibited wastes are disposed of, the customer is liable for the legal disposal and may be subject to prosecution and loss of disposal services. The following is a partial list of wastes that are not accepted at this facility. Other wastes may be deemed unacceptable at the owner and operator’s discretion.

Cannery Waste
Contaminated Soil
Infectious Waste
Large Dead Animals
Liquids/Slurries Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB’s)
Radioactive Waste
Railroad Ties
Regulated Hazardous Wastes
Septic Tank Water
Toxic Materials
5 Gallon or Larger Drums or Containers

Payment Terms

We accept Cash, Business Checks and Credit Cards.  Credit/Debit Cards must be present at the time of sale.

NOTE: Com Checks, ComData checks and personal checks are not accepted.

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