Public Disposal Pricing

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Business Checks and Credit Cards.  Credit/Debit Cards must be present at the time of sale.

To inquire about opening a Business Account, click here.

General Prices

Full Size Truck – Long BedLarge Load$93.00
Full Size Truck – Long BedMedium Load$64.00
Full Size Truck – Long BedSmall Load$45.00
Full Size Truck – Short BedLarge Load$72.00
Full Size Truck – Short BedMedium Load$55.00
Full Size Truck – Short BedSmall Load$37.00
Mini/Compact TruckLarge Load$55.00
Mini/Compact TruckMedium Load $37.00
Mini/Compact TruckSmall Load$28.00
Minimum Charge Garbage/Wood/Green Waste – One Cubic Yard or Less

Heavy, construction, and demolition materials are excluded from minimum charge rate.

GarbageBy Weight$89.00 per ton
Green Waste/WoodBy Weight- Clean, uncontaminated$72.11 per ton


Refrigerators, Freezers & Air ConditionersAppliances requiring discharge of Freon.$33.00 each
All other small appliancesExamples: water heater, washer, dryer, microwave, exercise equipment$12.00 each


CRT, TV, MonitorLimit 5 per vehicle, per day No Charge
DVD, VCR, Computer, Printer$9.50 each

Mattress Recycling Program

Mattress, Box Spring, Futon PadNon-business source. Limited to 4 pieces, per day, per vehicle.

Pieces must be brought in without any other material. Mattresses, box springs and futons brought into the facility with other material will be charged with the load.

No Charge

Bye Bye Mattress Program
*See Description for Conditions

Mattress, Box Spring, Futon Pad Business, Hotel, Commercial source$11.00 handling fee per piece, plus $89.00 per ton.


Auto TireUnmounted $9.00 each
Auto TireMounted$11.00 each
Motorcycle Tire$6.50 each
Truck Tire Unmounted$21.00 each
Truck TireMounted $32.00 each
Tractor Tire (48” maximum)42” – 48”, Unmounted$63.00 each
Tractor Tire (48” maximum)42” – 48”, Mounted$95.00 each

Special Wastes

Fluorescent Light Bulbs$2.75 each
Vehicle Batteries$2.00 each
Oil & CoolantLimit 5 gallons per dayNo Charge

CalRecycle Used Oil Recycling Program

Used Oil FiltersAuto$1.00 each
Used Oil FiltersTruck$2.00 each
Sharps (Syringes, Needles & Lancets accepted in biohazard sharps containers)Sharps kiosk located at the 2nd gate entrance, near office.No Charge to individual. Sharps from Medical and/or Veterinarian sources excluded from this program.

Hazardous Waste is Not Accepted

For information regarding proper disposal of Household Hazardous Waste visit