Public Disposal Pricing

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Business Checks and Credit Cards.  Credit/Debit Cards must be present at the time of sale.

To inquire about opening a Business Account, click here.

General Prices

Full Size Truck – Long BedLarge Load$95.00
Full Size Truck – Long BedMedium Load$66.00
Full Size Truck – Long BedSmall Load$47.00
Full Size Truck – Short BedLarge Load$74.00
Full Size Truck – Short BedMedium Load$57.00
Full Size Truck – Short BedSmall Load$39.00
Mini/Compact TruckLarge Load$57.00
Mini/Compact TruckMedium Load$39.00
Mini/Compact TruckSmall Load$30.00
Minimum Charge Garbage/Wood/Green Waste – One Cubic Yard or Less

Heavy, construction, and demolition materials are excluded from minimum charge rate.

GarbageBy Weight$91.00 per ton
Green Waste/WoodBy Weight- Clean, uncontaminated$73.32 per ton


Refrigerators, Freezers & Air ConditionersAppliances requiring discharge of Freon.$33.00 each
All other small appliancesExamples: water heater, washer, dryer, microwave, exercise equipment$15.00 each


CRT, TV, MonitorLimit 5 per vehicle, per day No Charge
DVD, VCR, Computer, Printer$9.50 each
Flourescent Light Bulbs$2.75 each

Mattress Recycling Program

Mattress, Box Spring, Futon PadNo charge for up to 6 units, per day, per vehicle.
**Units in excess of 6, per day, per vehicle
$12 handling fee per unit, plus the weight of the load**


Auto TireUnmounted $10.00 each
Auto TireMounted$15.00 each
Motorcycle Tire$6.50 each
Truck Tire Unmounted$22.00 each
Truck TireMounted $32.00 each
Tractor Tire (48” maximum)42” – 48”, Unmounted$65.00 each
Tractor Tire (48” maximum)42” – 48”, Mounted$95.00 each

Special Wastes

Fluorescent Light Bulbs$2.75 each
Vehicle Batteries$2.00 each
Oil & CoolantLimit 5 gallons per dayNo Charge

CalRecycle Used Oil Recycling Program

Used Oil FiltersAuto$1.00 each
Used Oil FiltersTruck$2.00 each
Sharps (Syringes, Needles & Lancets accepted in biohazard sharps containers)Sharps kiosk located at the 2nd gate entrance, near office.No Charge to individual. Sharps from Medical and/or Veterinarian sources excluded from this program.

Hazardous Waste is Not Accepted

For information regarding proper disposal of Household Hazardous Waste visit