Recyclables from the curbside recycling program are delivered to the facility for sorting. Other materials (i.e. glass, cardboard, newspaper and plastics) may be delivered already sorted and will not need to be processed on the conveyor.

The mixed recyclables are pushed up on to the sorting conveyor.

Materials fall on to the sorting conveyor and operators begin the sorting process.

Operators must work quickly to keep up with the speed of the belt.

Typical mixed materials from the curbside program as they are sorted.

Once the materials have been sorted, they are prepared for shipment to end users. This baled cardboard is ready for loading on a truck. Recycled products are shipped to local, national and international users.

Newspaper awaiting shipment to a mill to become new newsprint.

Plastic is sent to manufacturers who turn it into products such as furniture, fence posts, new bottles or fiber filling for coats.

Recycled glass is used to make new glass bottles.